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International PEACE Projects delivers clean water and clean water education to communties in Africa and Central Ameriica.


We are dedicated to the premise that human dignity is inextricably connected to Peoples' ability to access clean water; Educational resources; Artistic expression; a sense of Community; and a healthy Environment - thus the acronym PEACE! 


Our projects are community initiated, locally managed and sustanable. 


We are proud of our projects that improve human and environmental health. Through our web site, you'll read about drilling borehole wells for villagers in the Zambian bush, community building through art and agriculture, water qualtiy testing and distributing ceramic water filters to health clinics in rural Nicaragua and so much more! 


Everywhere we work we are fortunate to team with brilliant visionaries and dedicated individuals and organizations. Although we come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, we all passionately strive to connect the people we serve with the life-giving and essential benefits of clean water.

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