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Why Contribute to the Work of International PEACE Projects?
  • Your contribution saves lives and makes our environment healthier


  • You create access to clean water for people who need it 


  • You know clean water is essential to everything


  • Clean water is your passion and your purpose – as it is ours!


Clean Water for Our Family


Of course, we know the old adage, Charity Begins at Home. And it does. But “home” today is our globe, our earth. Although geographical distances between us may be great, my choices and actions, and yours, affect every human family member on earth – even if they live a continent away.  


Climate Change: Scientists have published findings that are irrefutable. In Nicaragua and Zambia, the effects of climate change on rain cycles, food supply and water collection are life-threatening. These effects are due to our own voracious economy and lifestyle which in return makes each of us responsible for mitigating these effects where we can. When we bring clean water to rural villages, it is the most effective climate change mitigation. It has life-saving impact on a person's quality of life, their health and their ability to grow food.


Providing clean water is the most effective method to alleviate poverty which is projected to grow even more extreme due to climate change. International PEACE Projects invites you to join us as we do our part to support the water needs of our human family and the climate change challenges they face every day.


Mobilizing Citizens: International PEACE Projects respond to the needs of community stakeholders. They have come together to initiate, design, implement and maintain clean water and clean water education projects. We support communities by providing funding and building leadership skills among stakeholders so that they are effective advocates for their own communities.


Advocacy: In subsistence economies, people meet their basic needs through "self-provisioning". Their time and labor are devoted to obtaining water, firewood and tending crops. Imagine the stress of drought, illness of a family member or crop loss - each can be catastrophic! Your funds serve the needs of people who cannot depend on government assistance when things go wrong. We draw policymakers' attention to this injustice.


Fundraising: International PEACE Projects implements life-changing projects thanks to your financial contributions. Help us make a difference in the quality of life of our human family, and protect environmental quality with each project we do. We work together with our local partners to improve health and the environment, thanks to your generosity.


Philanthropy: There are several ways to contribute.  1) Make a contribution for a specific project.  2) Make an undesignated contribution that we will use, as needed, to meet our annual goals. 3) Let us know that you intend to make an annual contribution to help us with project planning. 4) Leave a Legacy contribution as part of your estate planning that will support International PEACE Projects in perpetuity.


However you decide to contribute, International PEACE Projects will put your philanthropy to work. Your contribution, large or small, has a big impact on the lives of our human family.


Tell us how you want your contribution used! When you contribute to International PEACE Projects you can choose your project: Zambia (Z); Nicaragua (N)


• Fund a borehole well (Z)


• Fund half of a borehole well (Z)


• Fund a community or school farm (Z, N)


• Fund a water education mural (N)


• Fund stream clean up and reforestation (N)


• Fund our teaching farm "Finca Vive Verde" (N)


• Fund our water quality testing program (N,Z)


• Buy a drill rig and have it shipped to Mfuwe, Zambia * (Z)


• Give an undesignated gift and let us put it to work where it is needed most



*this project would be initiated now and implemented in 2015


Thank You!

Contribute through PayPal

To Secure a Tax Deduction

Contribute by Personal Check to

Social Enterprise Fund Our Fiscal Sponsor


As fiscal sponsor for International PEACE Projects, 

Social Enterprise Fund

(SEF) maintains all legal and fiduciary responsibility for IRS purposes.


SEF supports International PEACE Projects by certifying that your contribution is a charitable donation for tax purposes and that your contribution only supports the activities for which you intend.


To contribute and secure a tax deduction is as easy as writing a check. 


Please make your check payable to:   


Social Enterprise Fund

Fiscal Sponsor, International PEACE Projects

518 Carolina Avenue

Winter Park, Florida 32789


SEF will provide you with a letter acknowledging your contribution.


For SEF bookkeeping purposes, please write International PEACE Projects in the lower left hand corner of the check. 



INternational PEACE Projects collaboration with SEF allows International PEACE Projects to implement projects without having to create a separate legal entity - so that we can make the most impact with your philanthropic gift.


PLease Contribute TODAY! 


Our annual funding goals are modest.  Yet, if you have explored our web site, you know how much we accomplish for our family in Zambia and Nicaragua. 


Your contribution, large or small, is important to us!


Thank you for letting us know if you intend to make an annual contribution because this helps us with project coordination.


You may also Leave a Legacy contribution through your living trust or will which we will invest and grow to support projects in perpetuity.


Contributors Visit our Work Sites!


And don't forget, you are welcome to join us at our project sites to watch us at work and work along with us! You will have the distinct pleasure of meeting Leslie, Jody, Sly, Paul, Merrill, Jairo, Wilfredo and the many other champions of our clean water development team.


Come with us to Zambia and Nicaragua and see for yourself how your financial contribution transforms lives.


When you join us, you will meet the families that enjoy the benefits of clean water. You will see the transformative change that access to clean water brings to communities.


You will enjoy feelings of gratitude that your contribution has made a impact on human and environmental health.   


Make your contribution to

International PEACE Projects today!


Any questions?  

Please email us:


Please "Like Us" on Facebook! 

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