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About Us and Our Partners

We are successful because we work with great people and organizations on the ground in Africa, Central America and in the United States. These collaborations enable us to plan, fund, execute and monitor the performance of projects located across the globe.


Our team is united in the desire to deliver clean water and clean water education to improve health and environmental quality.


International PEACE Projects is an action organization. We have delivered clean water and clean water education to over 245,000 people since 2008. Our record of project fulfillment is impeccable. Our projects are designed with and for community members who take an active role in all aspects of project planning and implementation. They are also responsible and accountable for project maintenance, so that our projects will be productive and serviceable for many lifetimes.


Once you get to know about us and our work, we hope you decide to contribute to International PEACE Projects.  Do your part! Hago su parte! Why? We all have a responsiblity to ensure that every member of our human family has access to abundant, safe drinking water and a healthy environment in which to live. Questions? Contact us:

Leslie Warren, Founder and Chief Executive Officer is an adventurer.

You can find her climbing mountains and scrambling through river canyons all around the world or tending vegetables, roses and goats at her home in Auburn, Ca. Leslie is an enthusiastic botanist, an exhibiting artist and a proud parent.

She is a recipient of the Ca. Governor's Environmental Leadership Award, holds her MPA from USC and a Certificate in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis. For over 35 years, Leslie has worked for public and private clients for renewal and economic development of urban areas.  She built and operated an environmental education center that is a thriving learning center today. Leslie’s passion is working across sectors and cultures to deliver abundant clean water and clean water education to our global family. She founded International PEACE Projects in 2008 to serve as a platform for this work which is saving lives every day. 

The Lilly Project; We're so pleased to welcome The Lily Project to our circle of partners led by health workers Anielka Medina and Johnathan Butcher, in association with the NINSA (Ministry of Health in Nicaragua. The Lilly Project, improves the health and well-being of girls and women in Nicaragua through a women-centered model of development and care. Together with the Lily Project we will grow our clean water and community health education programming and implement our longtime vision to establish a learning-farm program at Finca Vive Verde. Casa Jardin will become the operations center for The Lily Project's women's health initiatives and also serve as a "tiende" for value added products produced
at Finca Vive Verde and other women-owned farms across Nicaragua. We're excited to try the chocolate that women farmers will be producing and to enjoy the produce from Finca Vive Verde's orchards of avocado, coconut, and mango (as The Lily Project is helping us address long-term water issues that have constrained production at Finca Vive Verde in years past).

Daniel Mubiana, Headman for Mubiana Village is our partner for site identification and well drill management in Zambia's southern provinces.  Daniel is instrumental in project coordination with Chief, villagers and drilling contractors. Thanks to Daniel's diligent work we established our first well in his Village in 2008  and will be drilling two wells in 2017 in rural locations that receive no public services, have no electricity or access to health care.  For these reasons, our clean water work is essential.


High Atlas Foundation (HAF), along with local community organizations, works with us in Morocco to build clean water systems in the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. HAF also establishes livelihood advancement projects all of which are identified and managed by local communities, in partnership with the public, private and civil sectors. Since 2000, HAF involvement creates synergistic partnerships that drive sustainable, community-initiated development in Morocco. This includes concepts such as improving economic viability to villages, which then fund women's empowerment workshops, among many other development programs.  

Jairo Sandino Brizuela is an integral member of the  International PEACE Projects, Granada, Nicaragua team.

In addition to creating stunning murals across the City of Granada, he works with us on stream restoration projects and as an environmental educator.

He also works with World Vision International as a teacher and artist.

He graduated from Massaya's  Centro de Cultura Alejhandro Vega Matus School of Fine Arts in 1991 and has exhibited internationally. He represented Nicaragua in England for a year-long artist/cultural exchange, during which he taught and painted several murals in London, Leicester, Liverpool, Derby and elsewhere in the Isle. Mural art has a long tradition in Nicaragua - as a political and educational tool. International PEACE Projects is proud to be part of this legacy. 


Merrill Warren, Development Assistant, graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in anthropology and studied art history at the Universdad de Barcelona. She is a two time National Outdoor Leadership School graduate and a wilderness EMT with Avalanche Certification. Since graduating in 2011, has she interned with the US Forest Service, guided horsepackers in California's Sierra Mountains, and managed dog mushing operations in Alaska. She lives in Bozeman, Montana, works for Adventure and Science for Conservation and is an ambassador for environmental education though the Kensington Conservancy. Merrill has traveled widely in the developing world. Her relationships with our International PEACE Projects team and experiences with the people who benefit from clean water enable her to tell our story with passion.

Potters For Peace, Managua, Nicaragua


Potters For Peace, Nicaragua, is best known for their work in water treatment using ceramic water filters to remove pathogens and other contaminates from water. The Potters for Peace business model supports traditional ceramic artists to set up independent filter workshops to produce and sell the filters. International PEACE Projects is proud to purchase and distribute these water filters to communities, health clinics and schools where contaminated water is a health threat.

Life Giving Water, Chicago, USA

Life Giving Water is committed to improving the lives of children and their families by providing reliable sources of fresh, clean drinking water in Zambia. Through the generous support of Life Giving Water’s donors and volunteers, over half of the borehole well sites selected by International PEACE Projects have been funded. Life Giving Water maintains a very cooperative relationship with our Zambian partners, the SlyPaul Foundatiion, and together we a make a great team drilling an average of two borehole wells each year.

Social Enterprise Fund

Social Enterprise Fund is established to provide financial support and management to organizations that are on a public health mission. It is through our shared commitment to meet the health, environmental and cultural challenges in Zambia and Nicaragua, that the Social Enterprise Fund undertakes all fiduciary responsibilities for International PEACE Projects. Social Enterprise Fund acts as International PEACE Projects' fiscal agent to provides tax benefits to our donors and maintains all financial records and accounting to support our program activities.


APRODIN is the acronym for a collaboration of environmental organizations that developed an environmental education curriculum for public schools in Granada, Nicaragua. International PEACE Projects works with APRODIN in several ways:


  1. Site selection for school murals 

  2. Development and monitoring of school-yard farms

  3. Supplementing schools' environmental education curricula with the award winning bi-lingual curricula developed by the CA Department of Water Resources, Project Learning Tree

  4. Selecting target arroyos for clean-up and engaging/training student leaders to spearhead the clean-up efforts in their neighborhoods

International Water and Health Alliance

International Water and Health Alliance produces a simple, inexpensive, scientifically vetted and effective method to detect the presence of bacterial Escherichia coli ( E-Coli) in water. International PEACE Projects staff are trained to test water sources for the potential risk of disease and to use the tests as educational tools in schools and in community settings to raise awareness and change behaviors that contribute to the risk of disease.

The Butterfly Tree NGO

The Butterfy Tree in Zambia is the sister organisation to The Butterfly Tree in the UK. The Non-Government Organisation was founded by Jane Kaye-Bailey, after a visit to Zambia in 2006. The following year the charity was registered both in the UK and Zambia.  Our aim is to support rural communities and orphans decimated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. All the members are volunteers, which enables donor funds to go directly into the grass root projects.

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