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Annual Project Goals and Impact


We are goal oriented. We are action oriented. We are accountable. Our investments in clean water are life-saving!

Below are International PEACE Projects' goals for this calendar year. Contribute today and let us put your philanthropy to work.  


With your contribution, we quickly accomplish goals because our projects are community initiated and locally managed. That means our organizational infrastructure is in-place and ready-to-go. Our only hinderence is funding. What a satisfying feeling to know that your contribution is making such a timely and direct impact. Contribute today! 

Goals for 2017:


​Drill two borehole wells in Zamiba                                                             $15,000


Paint one clean water education murals in Nicaragua                                    $2,600


Purchase and distribute of 15 clean water filters                                          $ 2,000


In collaboration with BioNica (University of Central America) continue 

development of our teaching farm at Finca Vive Verde                                  $ 8,500


Restore and replant one section of degraded stream channel in Nicaragua      $ 2,000


Restore classrooms and community farm in Mubiana Village, Zambia             $ 15,000

(including training in organic methods, irrigation system, tools and seed)


Train samplers/provide test kits for 70 water sample stations in Nicaragua      $ 1,000


Maintain a travel fund and contingency because it is good business sense      $ 4,500



                                                            Contribution Goal for 2017           $50,600                  



Impact: Where in the world, can an annual donation of $50,600.00 accomplish so much? We are saving lives and improving health and environmental quality with each project.


Designate: When you contribute to International PEACE Projects, let us know how you want your funds used. A borehole well? A water education mural? Import a drill rig? Ceramic water filters for health clinics? You choose!


Join us: Contributors are welcome to come with us to Zambia and Nicaragua, to meet community members and to see us in action. This is joyful work! Meet the community of people who benefit! Make a person to person connection that will last a lifetime.


Contributing: Follow the simple instructions on our Contribute NOW page. Your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. It is life-changing for the many people who benefit.  


Community: Our projects are community initiated, community managed and therefore, sustainable. When you contribute to our work, you are meeting the needs of members of your human family in a most personal, meaningful and essential way.  


Gracias! Twalumba! With passion and with gratitude, we thank you for your investment in clean water and clean water education.

"Unfairness in the human condition can only be remedied when people everywhere care." The 14th Dalai Lama



We invite you to "care" with us.

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