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Note about immediate water need at Katemo School

Following is a note from Sly, our friend in Zambia who investigated the Katemo School for me. The well was dug by hand in 1920!

Original Message

From: Sylvester Mbaama

To: Leslie Warren

Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 12:41 AM

Subject: Katemo Project Report

I visited Katemo School on the 7th June 2009 when I happened to be free and it was on a weekend. The Headmaster was not there but I managed to interview one of the villagers.

Then we went to see the well physically and Leslie, the well is just okay but the only pproblem which is there is that the water from the well is not clean that poeple can be health to drink or use it for any domestic purposes due to the reason that there is a died cat inside it the well.

Poeple confirmed to me that they now drawing water from certain stream called Matizye which is about a one and half kilometer away from villages and this is stream does not keep throughtout the year it will soon get dry, even the school children currently are facing a big problem because they don't have clean water at the school so they are just carrying water from their homes when going to school.

When I continued interviewing one of the villagers he said that, it will be helpful if that died cat can be removed from the well quickly, clean the water, and put some chlorine on the well and that can be done by mobilizing some villagers to do the work so quickly.

Then any day when I will be free I visit the Katemo School, then I will take some pictures showing the well and how the water from there is, then I will send them to you. What do you think? or what other advise or methods do you think we take on the same issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


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