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Organic Produce, Granada, Nicaraugua

Finca Vive Verde for Organic Produce

Finca Vive Verde, a project of International PEACE Projects ( is pleased to announce that we are now producing locally grown, organic produce for restaurants and subscribers. This is SPECIAL, pure food, grown without any mechanical inputs, without any chemicals (we use garlic and organic abono to deter pests), and cultivated lovingly by HAND labor, in the rich soils on the flanks of Mombacho Volcano near Granada. We even water our crops with pure, untreated water from a deep well.

International PEACE Projects is the organization that creates the colourful murals that you see around Granada – on the Calle Nuevo bridge, at Altravasada and Santa Lucia, on the Carlo Bravo School and in 7 other important locations throughout the City. These murals build environmental awareness about clean water and watershed conservation.

When you buy your vegetables and fruits from Finca Vive Verde, you contribute to environmental education in Nicaragua.

On Finca Vive Verde, we are growing a traditional crop mix at this time and plan to expand to specialty crops upon request. If you are a chef or a restaurant owner, email me at, and tell me what you would like us to grow. We will produce the fresh, clean, pesticide and herbicide free foods you need to distinguish your establishment from any others in Granada.

What we grow:

  • Available now we have Pipiane/cucumbers and fresh, tangy limes

  • A variety of specialty heirloom lettuces, arugula, spinach and other greens will be available in March

  • Tomatoes will be available in 4 weeks. We already have around 200 plants in almacigos, with fruit available in 45 days

  • Chiltomas will be available in four weeks

  • Seasonally, we have the most scrumptious and rich avocadoes (April) mangos (rosa and yellow) (November), papaya (June), and bananas (June) in Granada

  • We will offer sweet pineapples in six weeks. Plantains are ripe in 8 months

  • We have healthful noni and cashews in addition to NEEM (leaves or seedlings) – a insect deterring shrub

Finca Vive Verde generates money to support International PEACE Projects. All net income from Finca Vive Verde is used to: 1) pay Nicaraguan artists to create environmental education murals, 2) buy water filter systems for rural schools and health clinics and 3) teach science and cultivate little fincas in schools (cultivated by students and teachers use them to teach science concepts).

If you are interested in more information on International PEACE Projects or ordering produce from Finca Vive Verde please contact me, Leslie Warren, Founder and Director, /

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