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End of the Year Letter with Thanks from Zambia

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Dear Leslie and your family!

We hope that you are well and that you are looking forward to have nice time during these coming festival holidays, equally as we do here in Zambia. However, we have remained with few days to say goodbye to the year 2014 but it has left a big mark of memories to us on the (Leslie and Family name!!!!!!!!!!). This is because we have really achieved great things during this year’s journey than before.

Just to mention a few below:

Buying and shipping of the Drill Rig

We are very thankful for your efforts for buying and shipping the drill rig all the way from the USA to the remote area of Zambia Mfuwe (The South Luangwa National Park). Your commitment on this is unmeasured as it has brought happiness to us and to all the beneficiaries of International PEACE Projects and SlyPaul Foundation. Come the year 2015 we are looking forward to be drilling wells using our own drill rig and all this will definitely result into a lot of benefits from the local communities as usual. And we are happy to follow your legacy of investing into children that is supporting school going children who are lacking.

Funds for collecting a Drill Rig from Tanzania to Zambia

We received a message with happiness that the drill rig is in Tanzania after spending almost one month on the ship from the USA. The message came when we have nothing in our bank account but as soon as we contacted you and gave you what was required to collect the rig from Tanzania to Zambia you did not even take too long but only to provide the requested amount in order for us here in Zambia to send someone to travel all the way from Mfuwe the Eastern part of Zambia via Lusaka to Tanzania who finally brought our rig to Zambia – we really appreciate your coming in with full force making things happening all the time.

Funds to buy drilling materials for 2014 drilling projects

As usual we identify well sites in advance before even being sure of where the money will come from for us to undertake drilling of water wells this year. After identifying the well site as usual, we communicated to you, and since we always believe in doing our preparations in advance, we needed to buy our drilling materials in advance such drill bits, drill pipes, casings to mention but a few. We however, requested for some funds and you happily did the same of sending through the requested amount. We did not waste our time but to buy all the materials which made us to look professionals from Life Giving Water Funds. You really make our work to be easy and finish our drilling of wells project to be done in time and hand over the wells to the communities who are enjoying clean and fresh direct from the water wells than from the running streams and ponds.

Hope you are aware that we have provided clean and fresh water to 6000 people in year of 2014 here in the Eastern part of Zambia in three districts respectively!

Sending of drill bits

You have just successfully sent the drill bits for our new drill rig which we are waiting to receive them shortly. This is very good news as it is a clear indication that we have started preparing in time and hoping to deliver the best come 2015!!!!

We are humbled to have you on board and looking forward to a prosperous 2015. We are sending you warm greetings and happy festival holidays from Zambia!

Thank you and my very best regards,

Paul and the Team, Zambia

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