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Sites Identified in Zambia for New Rig to Commence Drilling!

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Since 2008, Life Giving Water has partnered with International PEACE Projects and the SlyPaul Foundation.

In years' past, once we receive funds from Life Giving Water and our other private donors, we have engaged Joseph Mwale, owner of a drilling company in Zambia to actually drill the wells.

This year, we have the distinct pleasure of utilizing our own drill rig. This rig was imported from Chico California, to Zambia via Tanzania!

Because we are using our own equipment and running our own drilling crew, our costs per well are less and our excellent administrators, Sly Mbaama and Paul Mandah will receive compensation for their diligent work.

In the letter below, you will learn about the struggle for survival many Zambian's face for lack of clean water. Sly and Paul traveled throughout the Eastern provinces to identify these well sites and coordinate the drilling work with Chiefs, village Headmen and the community.

To me, these gentlemen are heroes.


Leslie Warren

Founder, Director

Letter from Paul Mandah:

Dear Richard (Life Giving Water),

I trust you are well and your family! Here in Zambia we are doing fine despite we just experienced droughts in most parts of Zambia, no rains and crops such as maize, cotton and other affected because of the same droughts. The Eastern Province is one of the areas which affected by the same of not having received enough rains this year.

Can you very kindly find attached the 2015 well sites we have identified for your consideration as usual. Most of the sites identified people have the similar crisis of lacking of clear water for human consumption. Most of villages are situated very far from the main Rivers or streams where they will have to cover long distances in order acquire water for usual home usage which is not even clean for human.

As you may be aware that Eastern Province is where you will find a lot of people have herds of cattle’s, pigs and goats. But due to lack of bore hole wells people are sharing the same source of water with animals – we have seen such with our naked eyes as we have just back to meet village headmen to have clear of the problems they are facing.

The situation usually claims a lot of lives in the villages, children will have little time to attend schools and as they spend most of their times walking long distances to draw water from their respectively water sources which are Rivers, streams and ponds.

Your consideration as usual will restore lives and brings back health human beings in the villages which are facing with such challenges.

Should you need any clarifications from this end – we will be always at your services.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


2015 Bore hole well sites

1. Chikalaba Village site

More than 5 villages will benefit and they draw water from Sibongole stream and Musandile River

Distance from the borehole it's almost 10 kilometres.

Distance from the Katete Boma 45 kilometres.

District Katete

2. Chazye Village site

More than 7 villages will benefit.

Draw water from Matizye River and Chitilila stream

Distance from the borehole it's 26 kilometres

Distance from Petauke Boma 40 kilometres

District Petauke

3. Kapulanya Village site

More than 12 villages will benefit

Draw water from Musandile River, Lusadwa River

Distance from the borehole 40 kilometres,

Distance from Mfuwe town 88 kilometres

District Mambwe

4. Mujose Village site

More than 8 villages will benefit

Draw water from Musandile River and Wanda stream

Distance from the borehole 15 kilometres

Distance from Mambwe Boma 30 kilometres

District Mambwe

5. Chundu Village site

More than 15 Villages around the school and outside the school they will benefit,

Draw water from the school borehole

No stream or river nearby more than 20 kilometres,

Distance from Petauke Boma 90 kilometres

District Petauke

6. Muchenga Village site

More than 6 villages will benefit

Distance from the well its 7 kilometres

Distance from Katete Boma 75 kilometres

District Katete

7. Mulange Village site

More than 9 villages will benefit from the well

Villagers draw water Mvuu River for consumption

Distance from Lundazi Boma is 7 kilometres

District Lundazi – Eastern Province

8. Jubeka Village site

More than 4 villages will benefit from the well

Villagers draw water from Tigone River

Distance from Lundazi Boma 5 kilometres

District Lundazi

9. Masiliza Village site

More than 12 villages will benefit from the well

Villagers draw water from Chabori River

Distance from Lundazi Boma is 8 kilometres

District Lundazi

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