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September 6, 2015

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen, Donors, Colleagues:

News hot off the presses! Using our own drill rig, we just drilled our 27th borehole well in northeastern Zambia -bringing fresh water to a total of 32,400 people since 2008. As you may know, we exported from CA, a donated drill rig last year and shipped it to Zambia. Our new drill rig is smaller and more versatile than those available in Africa – allowing us to access remote village sites that previously, we could not serve.

Our first drill went off without a hitch! We are thrilled at how well the rig and crew performed and, of course, there is true joy for families in Jubeka and surrounding villages to ready access to clean water. It is life changing for everybody.

Life Giving Water, an NGO out of Chicago, is a frequent partner with International PEACE Projects. When we partner with Life Giving Water, they fund the “hard” costs of drilling; while International PEACE Projects covers the "soft" costs and administers the drill – working with Chiefs and Headmen to site the wells, contracting with drillers, managing construction including villagers’ labor creating the brick pad and protective fencing for each well, fund accounting and disbursement, and maintenance of the boreholes. Every project and village site is special in its own way.

Back in March, 2015, Life Giving Water promised to fund three of our boreholes during this drilling season. So, now that we have our own rig, we took out a loan for working capital and bought all the equipment needed (see budget attached) for three boreholes. We were proactive on the equipment purchases for the three boreholes because inflation was driving up the cost of materials from day to day.

Life Giving Water contacted us this month, to withdraw their funding commitment for two of the three boreholes. It seems that their major donor withdrew support from them. So, the situation is that we need to raise $15,000 to complete our 2015 drilling program and pay off our loan.

Obligations and Costs:

$11,934 Outstanding loan for materials/working capital for two boreholes

$3,066 Mobilization cost for equipment, gasoline, housing, crew (2 drills)

$15,000 Total cost for two boreholes

We're working hard to generate funds to fulfill our promises to the villagers, Chiefs and Headmen and get those wells in the ground this year. We've reached out to Rotary International, Charity Water, among other organizations. And, maybe you can help by making a contribution; or your contribution may be sharing this letter with others who might give. Either way, your effort is appreciated.

Donors can receive a tax deduction by making a check payable to our Fiscal Agent, Social Enterprise Fund, and sending it to me at 2877 Allen Drive, Auburn 95602 or may donate from our website ( Facebook and our website tell the story of our work in Zambia with passion and color. Have a look!

Yes, it is a setback to have lost 2/3 our funding from Life Giving Water; but on the positive side, our new equipment and staff performed perfectly on the borehole we did drill this season and 1200 villagers have fresh clean water. We will build a stronger network of supporters to carry us through this challenging moment and launch us into an even more productive future.

Water is essential for life. Thank you for sharing our story and supporting our need, as you are able.

With gratitude,

Leslie F. Warren

Founder and Director

International PEACE Projects

2877 Allen Dr Auburn Ca95602 530.878.738 530.305.4083

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