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Call for volunteers: Water Quality for Environmental Health - Big plans for July!

Are you looking for a way to contribute to the community? What a difference a plaque makes!

In collaboration with the Alcaldia de Granada, Nicaragua, International PEACE Projects seeks volunteers to install 80 stainless steel, 5" diameter plaques (at the site of curbside drains) Why? - to build awareness that what we dump into storm drains, is carried to our arroyos and on into the lake. Little plaques make a big impact on water quality awareness as dumping habits shift in ways that contribute to environmental health. Proper disposal of paint, chemical and oil wastes is essential to protect our water quality, wildlife and public health. Since 2008, International PEACE Projects' clean water education murals, water quality testing program and arroyo clean-up events have contributed to water quality awareness in Granada and in communities beyond the City. Please email if you wish to volunteer to install plaques (simple adhesive is all that is required), monitor stream water quality and plan a watershed education mural for this wall! School groups, individuals and organizations are welcome to participate.

Many thanks.

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