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Everybody's doing it! Check out - crowdfunding for a new borehole well in Chikandi

Daniel Mubiana, a gentleman that Peter, Merrill and I met back 2008, sent me the following message this Spring:

“Hi Leslie. I was at the village where I took some photos of borehole which you set in 2008 in Mubiana Village and also a photo from Chikandila Village where a woman was carrying a bucket of water on her head from a shallow stream where they drink which is also drunk by animals. I will send the photos tomorrow.

Come to their aid by assisting them with a borehole; four villages are affected by drought, namely Mubiana Village, Mandandi Village; Chikuyu Village and lastly Chikandila Village. Awaiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Regards to your family,

Yours Daniel."

(Daniel's Dad is the Headman in Mubiana Village where where we drilled our first borehole well back in 2008. I was back in Zambia to celebrate clean water with the whole village in 2009.)

There are so many villages in need. In Zambia, life expectancy is among the lowest in all the world (50 years), due in no small part, to no access to clean water.

Check out:

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