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2017 Celebrates 3 New Borehole Wells

Message from Daniel Mubiana, Headman, Mubiana Village and our bore hole manager in Southern Zambia:

Hi Leslie

How are you? Me I am just fine. the celebration for Mukamba borehole was very great and lovely you can just see from the photos the old man standing in front given the opening speech by prayer is the brother to the Chief Mukuni and he said strong words to the community of Mukamba village to take care of this bole hole.

People of Mukamba village are happy because no longer they are affected by waterborne disease like billharia, and they say the international peace projects team must carry on to help people in rural areas to avoid diseases.

Now we are looking forward for Chikuyu Village to be the next drill and Gain Village to be the third drill. They give thanks to international peace projects to carry on with spirit of helping the people in rural areas without water.

Many thanks,


Friends of International PEACE Projects - As the drilling season draws to a close, we celebrate another successful drill in Mukamba Village in the Mukuni Chiefdom of Southern Zambia. Families that have for generations, traveled many miles with heavy gerry cans to collect surface unreliable and tainted water now have an alternative. Through your gifts to International PEACE Projects, people will enjoy fresh clean water from a borehole well that is situated in their village. This is a life changing event, the magnitude of which we will never comprehend.

International PEACE Projects completed three well projects this year, two in Zambia – Chikandia Village and Mukamba Vilage serving a total of 2400 villagers and farmers from surrounding areas, and one in the Azilal region of Morocco, serving 850 farm families. The later project was done in cooperation with the regional government in Azilal who will provide solar panels to pump water from the borehole well site up to the holding tank. This water source will serve Berber families who farm almonds, grains and olives in the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Our calendar for next year (2018) is set for three new drills – Luzila Village (Sekute Chiefdom) Chikuyu and Gain Villages (Mukuni Chiefdom). Your contribution through our website will be greatly appreciated! Total cost for the three wells will be $18,000. That is only a $5.62 capital cost for each person that will benefit or less than $.08 (cents) per year over the projected 59 year life expectancy of a Zambian citizen. Help us help the people of Zambia live a life with water security. Water is life.

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