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New Borehole Sites Identified, Nyawa Chiefdom, Zambia

These are the three schools I mentioned. All of them are in Nyawa Chiefdom, the closest town is Zimba :

1. Malombe Community School 179 pupils, 3 community teachers, 14 families Source of drinking water - open well 2. Zalu Community School 234 pupils, 5 teachers, 86 families with no borehole Drinking water - Sichifulo River 3. Mayobo Community School 205 children, 2 teachers, 65 families Drinking water - stream Attached are some pictures of Zalu and Mayobo. For Luzila there is a picture of the swamp where they draw water from in the wet season, and a picture of the centre of the village somewhere near where a borehole would be added.

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