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Does one borehole-well matter in the face of a global catastrophe? Yes it does!

‘We read the daily ‘dread-mail’ about the precarious nature of our planet due to impacts of climate change on the seas, the poles, insect pollinators and the species that evolved in intricate harmony over a billion years. So little news gives a human face to the suffering created by climate change. My colleague Jane Kay-Bailey is on the ground in Zambia where years of successive drought have exhausted seed stocks and food supplies. I know the families that are experiencing hunger and loss day to day. What can we do to mitigate their pain?

1) Continue to raise our voices against the forces that excite climate change - extraction industries, manufacturers and politicians who enable them

2) Divest of stocks that feed the climate changers

3) Practice climate consciousness daily-in every decision we make

4) Contribute to IPP so that we can expand our well drilling programs in Zambia

Every action we take against climate change and it's repercussions on our planet and her people matters financially, personally, locally and globally. Being complacent allows hopelessness to overwhelm us. Acting gives us optimism and faith that what we do will relieve the pain our Zambian neighbors are feeling now.”

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